Wild Brinjal Seed

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Product name: Wild brinjal seeds
Scientific name: Solanum torvum and Solanum viarum
Type: Extracted pure seeds
Root stock: For producing wilt tolerant and high yield tomato/brinjal graftage which has longer production period
Key features: Perennial and very vigorous rootstock
Best cultivation practices: Polyhouse (grafted plants), Kitchen Garden (wild brinjal), Open field (grafted plants), etc.
Uses: Rootstock

Delivery: Typically delivered within 7 days (minimum 7 days or less than that)

Sowing and planting : Sowing depends on temperature, rainfall, and availability of irrigation. The best time for sowing seeds in northern India is June-July, and the best time for sowing seeds in eastern India is November, February, and March. Seed rate: 10 g per hectare. The reason of the very low seed rate is its overall size. A seed rate of 200 g per hectare is sufficient for grafting purposes. Preparation of seedbed

Preparation of seedbed:

Make a 3 meter long and 90 cm wide raised seedbed. The height of seedbed is 15-20 cm. Treat the seedbed with 0.2% bavistin. Don’t forget to treat the seed with captan or thiram. Cover the seedbed with polythene sheet to maintain required temperature bin seedbed. The seedlings become ready for transplanting after producing 3-4 true leaves. Ideal height of transplanting is 10-12 cm. Transplant it in poly bags.

Grafting: Start grafting after 1-1.5 months.

Grafting: Start grafting after 1-1.5 months.

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As low as ₹270.00