Basics Biofloc Technology for Fish Farming Training of Aquaculture

As the population is increasing drastically day by day, the need for nutrients is also increasing. So preserving the sources of nutrition has become a top priority for the sustainability of life on earth. Aquaculture has a very important role to play in this aspect.

 Aquaculture is the controlled cultivation of fishes and other breeds in a specific environment. This technique can be used to preserve the natural and other materials that are essential for sustainable development. Aquaculture plays are a key role in promoting the importance of nutrients and improving job opportunities in the future. Mac Agro is a company that carries a similar vision.

Biofloc is a technology that helps farmers to manage the waste materials produced in fish farms in an efficient way. It helps to conserve the water which is used in aquaculture. This technology is known as the blue revolution as this is the reuse and recycling of nutrients and water used in aquaculture. Biofloc technology is an eco-friendly technology that relies on the in situ cultivation of organisms. The growth is suspended in pools or ponds which contains the collection of organisms like phytoplankton and bacteria. The microbial growth in the pond helps in the cultivation of fishes and also in the treatment of water.

As the dynamics of this technology is not so well understood, there is a high chance that the lives in the pond or pool will be seriously affected even due to a small carelessness. This is where Mac Agro comes into the picture. This company makes sure that all the required procedures and precautions are met.

Importance of Biofloc Technology

The actual floc is wealthy in protein and gives a magnificent wellspring of nutrients and phosphorus for fish or shrimp. By permitting microorganisms to multiply can further develop water quality and fix harmful nitrogen. Contrasted and conventional hydroponics procedures, ranchers likewise detailed better execution pointers for the framework. The creation of bio floc can lessen mortality, increment larval turn of events and further develop development paces of refined species.

One more significant benefit of biofloc technology is the improvement in land and water use rates. Since the framework depends on restricted (or near nothing) water trade, the effect of creation on the general climate is extremely low. The diminished water channel lessens contamination and works on organic security during the creative interaction.

Biofloc is more than it looks. The framework requires a warm-up period and the result isn't consistently steady between seasons. Since makers should reliably blend and circulate air through biofloc water, energy expenses might be higher than anticipated. Notwithstanding these elements, makers need to effectively oversee biofloc lakes to forestall nitrite aggregation and keep alkalinity levels inside solid cutoff points. Observing the wellbeing and government assistance of fish is additionally fundamental - bio floc can expand the substance of suspended solids in the water, leaving fish and shrimp defenseless against natural impacts.

Some proof proposes that microbial flocs have a probiotic impact on the way of life climate and may tweak vibrio action, yet this isn't seen in all examinations. The analysts noticed that in certain investigations, the quantity of vibrio in the microbial floc expanded, putting the fish in danger of sickness. Without a full image of how individual microbial flocs work or multiply in an anticipated manner, analysts are presently in a difficult spot for makers.

The best species to be grown in biofloc is shrimp and tilapia. The details about this type of cultivation can be found at

Working of Biofloc Technology

Biofloc technology is basically a wastewater treatment technique that can also be used in aquaculture. The principle behind this process is maintaining a proper C-N ratio in water through a carbohydrate source. The microbial growth in water produces nitrogenous waste that acts as feed for fishes. This nitrogen content also adds to the improved water quality. The principle behind this technology is known as flocculation.


  • Biofloc technology is an eco-friendly culture system.
  • Very less impact on the environment.
  • Minimal use of land and water facilitates sustainability.
  • There is zero water exchange in this technology.
  • The amount of fish or shrimp produced from the unit area is large compared to normal cultivation.
  • Helps in reducing the risk of water pollution and the spread of pathogens.
  • This technology reduces the use of proteins and preserves nutrients.
  • The fish wealth in rivers can be preserved with the help of this technique.

Best Species for Cultivation

An essential component in planning a biofloc framework is the species to be cultivated. Biofloc framework works best with species that can get some dietary advantages from the direct utilization of floc. Biofloc framework is generally reasonable for species that can endure high solids fixation in water and are for the most part open-minded toward helpless water quality. A few of the species that are appropriate for BFT are:

  • Air-breathing fish like Singhi (Heteropneustes fossilis), Magur (Clarias batrachus), Pabda (Ompok pabda), Anabas/Koi (Anabas testudineus), Pangasius (Pangasianodan hypophthalmus)
  • Non-air-breathing fishes like Common Carp (Cyprinus carpio), Rohu (Labeo rohita), Tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus), Milkfish (Chanos chanos)
  • Shellfishes like Vannamei (Litopenaeus vannamei) and Tiger Shrimp (Penaeus monodon)


Biofloc farming is a technology of the future. It can help the farmers as well as nature in many ways. The importance of this technology in idealising the concept of sustainability is very large. It not only increases the production of the fish but also maintains the quality of the environment in which the farming is done. The leftover land that is saved due to the use of this technology can be used for any other type of cultivation. This is an added advantage of biofloc technology. Aquaculture will be gaining more and more prominence in the near future. Farmers tends to be tilted towards modern technological advancements and the government and other companies are always there to help the farmers. Mac Agro is a company that is working 24/7 with this vision.