Welcome To Mac Agro

Mac Agro is a Private Company Registered under the Indian companies to carry out agriculture-related business like organic crop farming, herbal Plants & Products, Trading of agriculture products and other agriculture-related business. The company started operation in 2018 up to still when it was officially registered under the Indian Companies Act. Over 3.5 years Mac Agro has grown to be a leading grower, processor & exporter of the highest quality fresh vegetables, packed to the highest standards. Our range of products includes organic, bulk, conventional, and elaborate lines across a wide range of vegetables and fruits. Mac Agro produces, and exports a wide range of high-quality tropical fruits, packed and processed using high-quality processing facilities.


Mac Agro Industries’ mission is to provide farmers with organic farming training, develop organic food products supply chain, superior quality agricultural products that enhance crop yield and ensure bumper harvests year after year.

  • To Promote and Transfer Efficient Technology for Organic Cultivation Through Continuous R&D.
  • To Provide inputs for organic Cultivation
  • To Make aware the society about organic food

To create a reliable supply chain that satisfies our clients with Safe and High-Quality Produce at one end and provides sustainable incomes and a high standard of living for our team and select the small scale, contract farmers.


Mac Agro aims to provide organic foods to people and improve farmer's income. Mac Agro created one single platform to sell farmer’s products to customers. We remain committed to the overall growth and development of our organization. To be a world-class exporter of fresh vegetables and fruits with steady high quality and timely supply.

Core Values

Relationships:- Agriculture is a people business. The company strives to connect small farmers in the industry to share knowledge, resources and grow together. Therefore we encourage partnership, volunteerism, and mentorship among the stakeholders along the value chain of our products.

Service:- The company focuses on serving Individuals in the general community. The effort is through the creation of a reliable market with high-quality farm products that create satisfaction to both the consumers and small-scale farmers.

Training & Development:- Agriculture is constantly evolving, and we want to meet the challenges of a changing world by promoting Continual education and training to build on our talents and develop new skills on the best use of available resources among the members of the company’s value chain.

Shared Passion:- We have all chosen our respective careers because we are excited and energized to be involved in agriculture and make a difference. This shared passion runs as a common thread that unites us with all other farmers in the industry.

Environment:- The ability to feed the future is vested in the proper conservation of the land and environment we are living in today. Biodiversity Conservation measures are part of our agriculture practices. We are driven by integrity, professionalism, flexibility, and most importantly, teamwork.

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